Sunday, October 07, 2007

a lazy day in Toulouse

Travel is great! Now, if only the energy level and digestive system matched the wonder of it all! I have greatly enjoyed the hospitality and company on most excellent brothers and sisters in Christ. We've chewed French food and chewed over ministry in France as well. There is joy in discovery of strange, sometimes odd-to-"us," food; and there is consternation over the slippery nature of the ministry issues in this country, with layers of difficulty taxing our hearts' tenacity. Yet, we persevere! We have supernatural confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow the travel continues toward London. May God give grace!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

So, why can't I write? Writers block?

"I must write!," I'm thinking in my early morning walk. "I must write!" Is it a foul mood that has overtaken my heart? Spiritual opposition? I don't feel depressed, though maybe diminished in mental acuity by age and the desensitizing avalanche of words all around me. So, I must write; and write I will.

Yes, it is a battle of will, of priority, of necessity. All the wonderful issues and articles and books which clog my mind and, yet, remain unwritten must push their way through the detritus of everyday responsibilities and fly into print. Those factoids and anecdotes, those truths unexplored and unexpounded are building up pressure to soon burst forth from the mind's source-pipe.

May it be so!

Enough with scribbled notes and digital text-file outlines! On to the main course!

May it be so!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Countdown: 30 days to go

OK; so I'm out of the heavy duty black beauty walking cast. I'm walking with a limp and some pain in every step. BUT, I'm walking. Now, I've got thirty (30) days, and counting down, before going on a long, strenuous, strategic trip. Daily strengthening exercises and crud/scar tissue breaking manipulation are part of my routine. "O Lord," I pray, "please protect and strengthen my Achilles and leg to achieve 'normalcy' for this trip." I long to be able to walk long distances without limp or pain and swelling.

I need to get out of the mode of wanting to protect and manage everyone's experience on the trip, to become a participant and sponge for learning new things myself. May it be so.