Friday, February 20, 2009

OK, 25 random things

1. I really love my wife. Pure, exclusive, unconditional love is incredible!!! - has been for over 30 years.
2. Hobbies: fishing, reading, writing, traveling, eating, walking/hiking - best if all can be done in constant succession for an extended period of time.
3. My children now teach me more than I teach them. Besides, they know all my jokes.
4. Technology is useful, even addictive; but technology isn't life.
5. Professional basketball is freak-show entertainment; college basketball (apart from financial & scholarship abuses) is the pinnacle of the game. ... wish I could play like I used to. :-)
6. Southern style iced tea is my default drink of choice.
7. Seafood is a hugely appreciated treat whenever I can get it.
8. OK, I'm a little overweight; but if I ate as much as my wife's fantastic, creative, broad-scoped cooking deserved, I'd be as big as a barn.
9. Ham sandwiches are my staple, like peanut butter & jelly to kids. (this has NO relationship to #8, above)
10. Black pepper makes most dinners better.
11. If America follows European social values and politics, things will get much worse before things get better.
12. Skype is great! I talk to more people around the world on it than I ever dreamed of doing.
13. My office is small; everything is reachable; it can't hold meetings with more than three people.
14. The Bible is the most incredible, penetrating, life-changing, truth-teaching book!
15. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ is core to who I am, what I do, and where I'm going in life (and death!).
16. Fewer, high-quality of anything is better than more, low-quality.
17. The Internet is your friend ... well, AND your enemy ... and your friend.
18. Last year, though I didn't catch true lunker largemouth bass, may have been my best fishing year ever.
19. America is only a great as the resolve of her people to do the right thing, whether PC or not.
20. It is great to be around great people; but I like my solitude, too.
21. Microsoft will choke and decline.
22. It's time to consider another cruise in our future.... sometime ... someday ... :-)
23. Having a strong family is an incalculable blessing from God. Thank you, Lord!
24. Why is there such a huge gap between knowing and doing the right things in the right way?
25. I really love my wife!

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